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Pros, Cons of Blockchain Smart Contracts in IP Transactions
Pros, Cons of Blockchain Smart Contracts in IP Transactions

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, MSC IPTL To read the article in Lawyers Daily, click here.

Unfair Competition: Why Passing Off Claims Fail

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, MSC Intellectual Property & Technology Law (MSC IPTL) Without proof of goodwill or reputation, passing off claims will not be successful. Absent this essential component of the passing off test, the…

NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Dimensions

NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Perspectives

August 6th: 11:30 – 12:30pm

Trademark Rights and Domain Name Disputes: Reminders from Parsons

A recently decided Federal Court case (Parsons Inc. v Khan) brings to mind how important it is for businesses to monitor their trademarks in digital platforms, especially as it relates to cyber squatting.

GIs & Basmati Rice: Relevance to Canadian Food Producers

Who is entitled to be a GI rightsholder? What are GI or territorial zones and how do these issues relate to product registrations? If you have an interest in food based GIs, read more here.

Audio-visual Performances and Economic Rights – The Beijing Treaty

To read this recently published article written by Marsha S. Cadogan, visit The Lawyers Daily at

Trade Secrets & The Franchise Agreement (Part 2)

What are trade secrets? Is it of any useA trade secret is information that is not generally known in a particular trade, that if divulged, can affect the viability of the rightholders’s business. When used, parties agree not to disclose the information to persons and/or entities who should not be privy to its knowledge. to a franchise agreement?

Global IP cases in 2019 and Implications for the future of International IP

To read this article published by the Les Cahiers De Propriete Intellectuelle and written by Marsha Cadogan and Konstantia Koutouki, visit the journal’s website here.

Relationships, issues around intellectual property, emerging technologies

This article was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily, ( a division of LexisNexis Canada.” Author: Marsha S. Cadogan | 3 min read What is the relationship between emerging technologies and intellectual property (IP)? Innovations… Domain Names and Trademark Registration in the United States

In a commercial context, a domain name is often used as a way of identifying and differentiating one business services from that of another on the internet. For example, there are currently over 60,000 .coms registered as trademarks globally (WIPO) and 500 registered in Canada.