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Blockchain & Intellectual Property: Three Intersections for 2020
Blockchain & Intellectual Property: Three Intersections for 2020

2020 is bound to be a year marked with the development of greater and more sophisticated technologies. This will likely be the same narrative in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DTL) space. What are the most relevant relationships between intellectual property and blockchain and DTL?

The Most Innovative Places in the World – WIPO’s Geography of Innovation

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published yet another revealing and timely report on the geographic and disruptive dimensions of global innovation. Termed the Geography of Innovation, WIPO’s report shows that Asian countries have now surpassed the west in scientific research and invention

Geographical Indications in Canada, the EU, India, Switzerland and Serbia: A Brief Comparision of Legal Frameworks

Serbia has done what no other jurisdiction has done before – used its GI framework to register a service in the health tourism area. Can this be done elsewhere? A lot depends on getting rid of a tunnel vision approach to GI protection. Only then, it may be a more usable form of IP in the Canadian economy.