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Certification Marks: Ownership and Issues
Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan – Principal | MSC IPTL Certification marks are trademarks that indicate to consumers that a product or service uses defined standards to distinguish its brand from that of others. While a mark …
Overview of IP Rights: What You Need to Know
Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan | MSC IPTL One of the important dynamics of a business strategy involves taking stock of the proprietary interests in the business and ensuring that effective legal safeguards are in place to …
Pros, Cons of Blockchain Smart Contracts in IP Transactions
Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, MSC IPTL To read the article in Lawyers Daily, click here.
Unfair Competition: Why Passing Off Claims Fail
Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, MSC Intellectual Property & Technology Law (MSC IPTL) Without proof of goodwill or reputation, passing off claims will not be successful. Absent this essential component of the passing off test, the other …
NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Dimensions
NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Perspectives August 6th: 11:30 – 12:30pm https://nftsandcopyrightlawmsciptl.eventbrite.ca