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Sports Broadcasters’ Rights and Dynamic Site Blocking Orders in Canada
Sports Broadcasters’ Rights and Dynamic Site Blocking Orders in Canada

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan Copyright in Sport Broadcasters’ Right The Copyright Act,[1] grants broadcasting organizations sole rights in the communication signal[2] of their broadcast. Copyright in sports communication signals is often one of broadcasting organizations’…

Software Licensing and Copyright: Intersections

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan Software licensing plays an integral role in a technology’s commercialization andmanagement strategy. Understanding the intellectual property (IP) aspects, such asidentifying the software’s proprietary content and how the law protects it in…

Negotiating Collaborative Research Agreements

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, Barrister & Solicitor Research institutions sometimes require complementary know-how, capital, or other resources to adapt their research output to industry specifications. Collaborative research agreements are contracts between two or more parties…

The Franchise Agreement and IP

Marsha Simone Cadogan, Barrister & Solicitor A franchise agreement is a specific contractual relationship in which one entity (the franchisor) allows another (the franchisee) to use its business model as the basis for operating its…

Trade Secrets Strategy

Protecting this information can be vital to the continued relevance of your products and services in consumer markets.

Pros, Cons of Blockchain Smart Contracts in IP Transactions

Author: Marsha Simone Cadogan, MSC IPTL To read the article in Lawyers Daily, click here.

NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Dimensions

NFTs and Copyright Law: International Law Perspectives

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Trade Secrets & The Franchise Agreement (Part 2)

What are trade secrets? Is it of any useA trade secret is information that is not generally known in a particular trade, that if divulged, can affect the viability of the rightholders’s business. When used, parties agree not to disclose the information to persons and/or entities who should not be privy to its knowledge. to a franchise agreement?

Global IP cases in 2019 and Implications for the future of International IP

To read this article published by the Les Cahiers De Propriete Intellectuelle and written by Marsha Cadogan and Konstantia Koutouki, visit the journal’s website here.

Relationships, issues around intellectual property, emerging technologies

This article was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily, ( a division of LexisNexis Canada.” Author: Marsha S. Cadogan | 3 min read What is the relationship between emerging technologies and intellectual property (IP)? Innovations…