Have You Heard About WIPO Proof? More Ways of Safeguarding Your IP

Are you looking for ways to boost how you safeguard your IP assets? WIPO has just launched an IP proofing platform that enable right holders to timestamp and electronically record relevant information about their IP.

The service provides a digital certificate to protect IP assets, verifying and time stamping relevant IP data. Users also have the option of requesting a premium certificate, to verify the authenticity of the IP asset which is stored on the platform. The certificate can be used in legal disputes as a record of IP ownership and also, as a complement to other authentication architectures (such as blockchain and DTL).


WIPO Proof tokens (tokens) are required to use the service. It cost 20 CHF (Swiss Francs) to obtain a WIPO Proof token. Each token permits rightshholders to upload up to 20 files to the platform. An additional 20 CHF is required to obtain a pdf certificate signed by WIPO (premium certificate) authenticating the validity of your digital assets on the platform.

For more on WIPO Proof, see WIPO’s website for details.